Join Night Train 357 & Cecily For A Fantastic Voyage Aboard The 'Cosmic Cruise'

After social distancing for more than a month now, a trip to the grocery store is probably the most exciting travel we'll experience this season. While the severity of this pandemic has forced us to make peace with our house arrest (safety first!), we haven't stopped daydreaming of future excursions. Now Night Train 357 and our girl Cecily have us thinking we might need to expand our thinking beyond this terrestrial ball with the visuals for their otherworldly collaboration "Cosmic Cruise."

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Inspired by the futuristic funk of the late '70s/early'80s – with nods to classic jams like Kool & The Gang's "Get Down On It" and "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – it's easy to see why this intergalactic groove quickly became a crowd-pleaser when it was released last summer. Over a sticky bass line, Night Train showcases his sci-fi knowledge and slick flow while Cecily provides support with slinky vocals.

The entertaining music video adds another dimension to this DMV family affair, with producer/artist Ardamus at the helm. It seems Emperor Blandor has created a powerful satellite to disrupt the funk and spread wackness across the galaxy. For a mission this crucial, only the best operatives will do. Will Night Train and Cecily reach the outer realm in time in time to save the universe? Tune in below to find out!

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"Cosmic Cruise" is the lead single from Night Train 357's upcoming project The Nightlife LP. Visit his website to purchase the single and learn more about the project. As for Cecily, she's proven to be quite the video queen this year. Be sure to check out her project Awakening: The Visual EP. You can also cop the funky fresh Thank God For Music sweatshirt she's rocking, exclusively available at Shop @ SoulBounce.

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