Kehlani Shows The Bay Area A Double Dose Of Love In Dual Visual For ‘All Me' & 'Change Your Life'

Like fellow Bay Area-bred songstress H.E.R. in her video for “Slide,” Kehlani is also showing her hometown love in her new video for not one but two songs, “All Me” and “Change Your Life.” While “All Me” was released in December, we’ve only heard some snippets of the latter. Both are songs about love and support, so it's only right that Kehlani hit us with a 1-2 punch for the video.

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Produced by ReeceBeats and originally featuring fellow Oakland native Keyshia Cole, “All Me" follows Kehlani’s usual ‘90s throwback flavor with a synth-based midtempo groove. For the video, we catch Kehlani riding the BART subway system around the Bay Area dressed in a frilly outfit while renowned dancers Bay Area Turffeinz Dance Crew bust a move around her. There’s also a requisite scene of our girl riding shotgun while a coupe does donuts in the parking lot of a warehouse.

While “All Me” is a more high energy and flashy affair, “Change Your Life” takes a more laid-back approach. In this part of the clip Kehlani and her real-life friends cruise the streets of Oakland in a late model drop-top. The spotlight then turns to images of her homies, couples of all ages and sexual orientations and young kids across the city. It’s a great way to highlight the inspiring message of the song.

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Exactly where “All Me” and “Change Your Life” will be featured remains to be seen. We're guessing she's working on a new solo album or all these songs could simply be loosies to join recent collabos with Zedd on “Good Thing, Justin Bieber on "Get Me" and her ex-boo thang YG on "Konclusions." While we wait for her new album news, Kehlani will be riding shotgun on Bieber’s CHANGES Tour alongside Jaden Smith starting this spring.

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