H.E.R. Reveals More Of Herself & A Love Story That Gets Stuck In A ‘Hard Place’

H.E.R. has claimed her place in the sun while basking the shadows. However, her continued success has made it harder and harder to keep up the mystery of who she really is. Of course, her music has already spoken loud and clear and garnered her a huge buzz, sold-out shows and numerous accolades, such as her recent GRAMMY Awards. For the video for her latest single “Hard Place,” H.E.R. finally lets her hair down and takes off her signature sunglasses to tell the story of two lovers growing apart – or, rather, a woman fighting between passions.

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The visual starts off with H.E.R. in bed with her beau Leo, sharing kisses, cuddling and strumming her guitar. We see them living a happy life in their apartment and working on music together as they prepare for a “Leo x H.E.R.” show. Later, the pair perform at an intimate venue, with him on keys and her on guitar, and she catches the eye of a record exec in attendance. From that moment, it’s no longer rainbows and sunshine for the couple. Although her man encourages her to pursue her dream without him, it causes tension in their relationship. Her star rises while his remains in the same place. Even when she helps him live his own dreams, it’s not enough. The couple tries to keep it together, but they can’t help grow apart, the stage lights leaving her leading man in the dark.

“Hard Place” comes from H.E.R.’s I Used To Know Her: Part 2 EP. The latest project showcases her range and growth as an artist, and so does this video where we even see H.E.R. flex some acting skills. While we wait for H.E.R.’s official-official debut album to finally be released, we’ll continue to support the shrinking violet as she embraces her limelight.

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