Goodie Mob Talk About The Highs & The Lows On ‘No Rain No Rainbow’

As we prepare to enjoy May flowers because of all the April showers, legendary rap group Goodie Mob has come back to remind us that nothing is possible without struggle or sacrifice. CeeLo Green, Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo bring this important lesson to life on “No Rain No Rainbow.”

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On the track, the group shares tales of their own trials and tribulations that have led to better days. “No rain no rainbows / No cloud no sunshine / Don’t ask me why child, it’s why the world’s round,” goes the chorus. “No Rain No Rainbow” features lush production we’ve come to expect from their frequent collaborators, the equally legendary Organized Noize. The track features horns, guitar licks, keys and synths to create a funky backdrop for the rappers to spit their verses.

Goodie Mob is currently on tour with the Big Boi, Organized Noize and more on the Dungeon Family Reunion Tour. There’s no news on whether the group has plans to release another album or any other project in the pipeline, but “No Rain No Rainbow” is a welcome reminder that these pioneers of the Atlanta rap scene still have words of wisdom, along with some bump in the trunk, to share with their fans.

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