Good Girl Makes A Colorful First Impression In ‘I Can Be Yours’

While legendary girl groups from past eras such as En Vogue and SWV are still going strong, it’s been a bit difficult for that type of act to gain a foothold in this post-Destiny’s Child kinda world. Hoping to last longer than the Fifth Harmonies of the biz is Philly quartet Good Girl. They’ve been bubbling under for a while now, even catching our eye a while back with a cover of “One Sweet Day” alongside MPrynt. Now it seems the ladies are ready to push through and make their names known with the release of their single and video “I Can Be Yours.”

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The song itself is a cute jam that has a nice and smooth beat that throws back to sounds of the late ’90s and early 2000s, including a nod to Ma$e‘s “Tell Me What You Want.” And with it’s use of repetition in the lyrics (example: “I like it when they pam-pam-pam-pamper me / You can give your love in lump sums to me / Can I be yours?”), it’s sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen. The video, which happens to be the first-ever for the group, continues the throwback feel, with the ladies reminding us of summer days amid this pre-winter haze we’re currently living in. We see the ladies rocking rainbow-colored hairstyles, skin revealing outfits and enough sass to fill an episode of Living Single against sundrenched neighborhood backdrops as they keep it cute for the cameras and mack on the fellas. They also offer up a whole heap of personality as each of the four ladies — Bobbie, JL, Arielle and Megan Nicolle — get their time to sparkle, shine and mug for the camera. The only thing missing here is the track’s featured guest A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, though his absence isn’t felt thanks to the girls showing us a good time.

Will Good Girl be the ones to keep the flame burning bright for the next generation of girl groups? That remains to be seen. But they’re at least off to a promising start. Get into the colorful video for “I Can Be Yours” below.

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