Watch dvsn Stake Their ‘Claim’ At The PAPER Magazine Penthouse

With their second album Morning AfterOVO Sound duo dvsn established their sound and voice even further. However, though they’ve become known for slickly produced, intimate romantic jams from the modern perspective, they don’t need all the bells and whistles to impress. The fellas proved just that after they were invited to PAPER Magazine’s PAPER Penthouse for an interview to talk all things dvsn. Of course, they couldn’t leave the premises without offering up a performance and the twosome surprised with an acoustic version of Morning After track “Claim.”

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The song, about a man coming back to town to win back the love of his life, feels wholly different in this setting. Singer Daniel Daley sat side-by-side with his musical partner Nineteen85 for the performance, with the producer accompanying Daley with just an acoustic guitar. The switch up allows us to enjoy the quality of Daniel’s voice, including that effortless falsetto he slides into at will. It also allows us to appreciate the narrative quality of the song’s lyrics, which sum up the romantic life story of the woman he’s pursuing without seeming clunky or clumsy. If there’s a drawback here, it’s that we only get slightly less than three minutes of this performance. Note to dvsn: we need an official acoustic version of “Claim” released like yesterday!

You can check out their acoustic performance of “Claim” right here and then pick up their sophomore set Morning After, which is in stores now.

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