SoulBounce Exclusive: The PlayList Featuring Glenn Lewis Reminisce About '1995'

The '90s have been in vogue since, well, the '90s. However, the decade that was bookended by New Jack Swing and Neo Soul seems to really be back in style as of late. '90s babies are flexing their millennial muscle, '90s fashions are on trend, '90s artists are back with a vengeance and '90s music has simply stayed in heavy rotation. It's safe to say that everyone loves the '90s...still.

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We can count DJ Jazzy Jeff and members of The PlayList among those who have a case of '90s fever. The collective of singers, songwriters, rappers, producers and musicians born from the annual PlayList Retreat gathered together earlier this year with the daring idea of recording and releasing an album in one week. The tight time frame was no deterrent to these pros, and the sweet fruit of their labor can be heard on the album Chasing Goosebumps featuring the honey-coated voice of Glenn Lewis throughout. One of the songs on the 15-track collection that shows that The PlayList was in a '90s kinda mood in the studio is the track "1995."

"1995" finds Lewis reminiscing on the good old days "When we were young / Not a care in the world" and yearning to go back to them. The chill sound bed of organ, synths and drums provided the perfect throwback-yet-modern feeling. That then-and-now vibe is also felt in the music video for "1995." Director Treezy takes us to both coasts, from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., for this cross-country visual treatment. Glenn Lewis stars in this clip, and we see him in L.A. doing mighty well for himself. Although he's in a gorgeous mansion overlooking beautiful scenery and driving in his convertible while waves crash along the coast, he can't help but think back to simpler times. Scenes of four little girls busy being adorable and horsing around at school, two friends driving a freshly detailed classic whip around the hood and a singer, played by the DMV's own Reesa Renee, practicing her craft and dreaming of performing on stage at the Howard Theatre are blended in to reflect the song's lyrics.

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Continue to keep the '90s love alive, and press play on SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "1995" right here. Keep up with The PlayList featuring Glenn Lewis and all things Chasing Goosebumps on their official website.

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