Fantasia 'Made It' A Praise Party On 'Good Morning America'


Fantasia is in full promo swing leading up to the release of her album, The Definition Of..., on Friday. This morning, she kicked off her big week with a fire in her bones during an appearance on Good Morning America. She used her time on GMA to debut a new song and wake everybody up better than a double shot of espresso ever could.

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The song that Fantasia chose to sing was the cut "I Made It," which is the final song on the album and features Tye Tribbett. The gospel superstar wasn't there to join Tasia, but she more than held her own. In case you happened to miss church on Sunday, she had you covered with a rousing inspirational number that played out as a praise party right there onstage. Fantasia shared her testimony, beginning the song with the lyrics, "Listen, I done made it through the storm and the rain / So much heartache, pressure, so much pain / I been broken in two pieces, maybe more / And some nights I made my bed right on the floor." She went on to detail how the devil tried to tear her down and take her out, but God kept her in the midst of it all, lifted her back up and here she is. She made it and isn't afraid to sing her praises to the Lord, which she effortlessly did during this performance that found her, her band and her background singers on the same level of incredible.

It may be all about The Definition Of... right now, but "I Made It" is yet another reminder to us that Fantasia needs to record a gospel album one day and one day soon. Fantasia singing this "I Made It" on Good Morning America made it a good morning indeed.

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