Spend A Day In The Life Of Bilal In 'I Really Don't Care'


Bilal delivered one of the more solid albums of last year with In Another Life. While larger than life songs like "Satellites," "Lunatic" and the seductive "Pleasure Toy" dominated most conversations, the album had its fair of amazing quiet moments, including the jazz-inflected "I Really Don't Care." The singer reteams with director Hans Elder to bring the song to life for a video that shows a very personal side.

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The clip takes viewers through a day in the life of Bilal, from waking and baking to working out to music creation and everything in between. Though that may seem pretty mundane, it's honestly anything but. For one, we get to see himin  a few compromising situations, including discovering what he does during his morning constitutional and the categories that he's searching on Pornhub (Oh my!). But despite the salaciousness of it all, it also paints a picture of Bilal as the song's hopeless romantic. Throughout the video, he's checking his phone for messages. Though it's never specified from whom the messages are from, judging by his reactions to them, the viewer can assume that he's communicating with a lover, especially with the loving smile he gives at the video's end. Of course, that's all up to interpretation.

Interested in seeing a side of Bilal you haven't seen before? Take a peek at the visuals below.

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