JARAMI Enlists Jesse Boykins III & Pell To Help Us Soar In 'Wings'


Stockholm-based producers JARAMI are hopping across borders with their music. The duo brought together our soulful Chicago crooner Jesse Boykins III with New Orleans-based rapper Pell, to put the finishing touches on their latest single "Wings." A happy-go-lucky track, JARAMI's production full of funky instrumentals, keys and a dominating electric guitar supports what Jesse and Pell both bring to the table. Jesse's crisp vocals blend with the track perfectly as he sings "Now lady we gotta fly / So make sure you bring wings tonight." To make sure you don't forget, Pell hops in mid-track to remind you and add a burst of energy with his bars that elevate the track to new heights. JARAMI then take things to a higher level as they strip back the other instrumentals and pile on more synth and electric guitar towards the end of the track.

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JARAMI's fans are used to hearing remixes from the duo, so it's by design that "Wings" serves as their first original composition. It's pretty impressive, although we didn't expect anything less considering their track record. Listen to JARAMI, Jesse Boykins III and Pell right here and download their latest track for free over on SoundCloud. While we'll wait to see who else JARAMI enlists for their upcoming songs, let us know if "Wings" helps you fly when you press play.

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