Mariah Carey's Looking For A New Love In 'Infinity'


Your girl Mariah Carey has a lot on her plate right now. She's in the beginning stages of her much-talked-about (and not always for good reasons) Vegas show, has been tearing the television promo circuit and, of course, has a hits compilation to sell. To that effect, Mimi finally dropped the official video for #1 To Infinity's lone new track, "Infinity," at midnight last night, much to the delight of her Lambs across the globe.

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The clip is essentially what you'd expect for a one-off single from an album of greatest hits. It's mostly footage of Mariah performing at her show in one of her glittery, low cut gowns and posing it up in a extravagant hotel suite in a similar outfit (but this time in black) and popping expensive champagne. In other words, it's her typical Tuesday. Where she does ask you to suspend your belief, though, is with a tacked on bit that shows the singer scrolling through potential dates on (as if) and coming coming across three candidates, supermodel and professional social media thirst trapper Tyson Beckford, some slumpy no-name dude and Empire star Jussie Smollett. Each suitor shows up at Mariah's door bearing gifts, but she's mostly turned off by what they're offering, only choosing one to ride down the Vegas strip with. We're not saying who, but if you look at Mimi's most recent track record, you can hazard a guess.

All in all, it's nothing to go crazy about, but it's a fun video nonetheless. Check out Mariah being Mariah in "Infinity" right here.

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