ENTRSTELLAR Isn’t Intimidated By Pharrell’s ‘Frontin”

ENTRSTELLAR Cover Art Pharell Frontin Remix

Since their debut less than two months ago, the production duo known as ENTRSTELLAR has proven themselves to be heavy hitters in the remix game. Despite working on personal projects, brandon* and Jay Ellyiot continue to make good on their promise to release new remixes every two weeks. The creative twosome are following their “Beep Me 911” Missy Elliott remix with a flip of Pharrell Williams‘ “Frontin’.”

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The fan favorite (one of many Pharrell/Jay Z collabos) continues to stand out thanks to Williams’ signature falsetto and electronic retro-funk production. By switching up the keys, ENTRSTELLAR gives an alternate take on the futuristic sound and blankets the melody with an almost dreamlike quality. Drum machines, strings and a funky bass outro further enhance the track to make the transformation complete. Scroll down to stream the remix right now. and download a free copy while you’re at it.

If you’re late to the ENTRSTELLAR listening party, quit frontin’ and make your way over to their SoundCloud page. Catch up on the previous three offerings, then stay tuned for their next release at the end of the month.

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