Moko Invites Us To Her ‘Ceremony’


We’re still over here dancing our tails off to “Your Love,” the lead single from the upcoming Gold EP by Moko. Thankfully, the South London native is giving us a chance to wind down and catch our collective breath with her latest offering, “Ceremony.” Or is she?

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Opening with synth-laden instrumentals slightly reminiscent of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love,” Moko slows things down and turns up the heat while describing the depth of her love for the object of her affection. Channeling her inner siren, she infuses her vocals with a hypnotic hedonism that immediately lulls you into a rhythmic trance. Once you’re under her spell, she suddenly switches it up, singing with full power and dropping beats that compel you to release your inhibitions and dance. So much for catching our breath!

Get into "Ceremony" right here, and if you can’t wait until Gold's September 7th release, dance along with the braided beauty in her "Your Love" video or keep up with her sounds on SoundCloud.

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