I/O Returns With 'A Face With No Name'

IO Skully Hoodie

After delivering his mixtape debut, Isolation, back in 2012 and dropping a trippy video for "Wasted My Time" last year, future R&B representer I/O returns with a new song to further his vision. "A Face With No Name" is a protest record of sorts, but it's not protesting something political. Instead, the New York-based singer/songwriter turns his focus on the disconnect we're experiencing in the digital age.

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"...this song was inspired by a friend of mine whose life was tragically cut short," he told The FADER, "I felt that although we are in this era of so much free communication, there’s still such a disconnect between most parts of society.”

Fittingly, then, "A Face With No Name" has a somber, mournful tone evoked by both the production — with its computerized sounds, slow burning synths, building thump and programmed drums — and lyrics, which suggest a hopelessness tempered with an occasional (yet not believable) optimism. Also of note here is the slight similarity in sound to The Weeknd, though I/O doesn't seem to be interested in delighting in raunch like his Canadian counterpart.

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"A Face With No Name" is the first release from I/O's upcoming second mixtape. While there's no word on a title or release date just yet, it's sure to be quite the interesting ride whenever it's released.

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