Jazzy Jens Freshens Up Usher's 'Good Kisser'

Usher Heismann Pose

Yes, Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" may be considered the all around song of the summer (as unfortunate as that is), but the without a doubt R&B jam of the season easily goes to Usher's "Good Kisser." Not only is the original pretty damn catchy, but we are figuratively drowning in the sea of remixes to the track that seem to pop up nearly every week.

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Jazzy Jens is the latest to put a unique spin on the track. Marrying Ursh's vocal with a groove that feels straight from summer of '95, Jazzy cools down the fast-assed lyrics and makes things feel a little bit sexier while still keeping a hip-hop bite to the sound with drums that knock just right. Jens however smartly keeps just enough of the original (the stuttering bassline, the hand clap and whistle breakdown) to ground this one in the present day. The only thing I would've changed is the decision to keep the spoken intro, as it doesn't sync completely, but that's a minor quibble.

Yes, this is another in a long line of remixes, but please believe me when I say that this is one that you definitely need in your life. Take it for a spin and see why Jazzy Jens' "Kisser" just might be the best of them all.

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