SZA Gets 'Tender' In The Visual For 'Julia'

SZA Julia Still

Now that she's drawn our attention even more by collaborating with Om'Mas Keith and Jill Scott on "Divinity," alt-R&B goddess SZA strikes while the iron is hot with the release of her latest visual for Z track "Julia." For the clip, the New Jersey songstress bares her soul (as well as a bit of her chest) while emoting over the '80s-esque track as we get scenes of her chasing a little one through a warehouse, dancing in front of fire-filled canisters and cruising along in a car to the beach. But, though the entire clip is rather visually engaging, it's when we get to the shore that things get interesting. That's because that's when previously unheard track "Tender" takes over, offering a soft, atmospheric groove wholly different from the clip's previous four minutes.

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"Tell me who you you want me to be/Gave you the best of me/Still want the rest of me?" she sings on the track's chorus, her vocals echoed by a deeper male voice, as the sound of crashing waves takes over and the video fades to black.

While definitely not the video one would expect for "Julia," this one is quite an engaging watch.

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