Jagged Edge ‘Hope’ You Still Enjoy Their Live Performance

Jagged Edge Performing Hope For Hello Beautiful

Jagged Edge may have missed the call to perform on the BET Awards ’14 with the other ‘90s boy bands, but they want you to know that they’re still out here crooning those sad thug love songs that you all can’t seem to get enough of. The quartet took to HelloBeautiful’s Interludes series to perform their comeback single “Hope” for the very first time and while I’m all for the great ‘90s revival, I totally could have done without seeing this. Brian, Brandon, Richard and Kyle honestly all look as bored with this song as we are, as they take turns belting out those same old stale melodies, harmonies and runs. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to what worked best for you, but if these boys want their forthcoming sequel album J.E. Heartbreak Too to be received by this new wave of music consumers the way that it should be, they are certainly going to have to come harder than this. At any rate, here’s to nostalgia and hoping that Jermaine Dupri steers the “Promise” singers in the right direction in the coming months

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