A ‘Very Special’ Night For K. Michelle

They waited, clamored, careened their necks and finally screamed when the lady of the hour appeared at Whisper night club in the heart of Philadelphia last night. The person they came to see, K. Michelle, was perched in the DJ booth as hundreds hovered below her just waiting to find out if the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta firecracker was as explosive as she is on VH1 on Monday nights. Though she didn’t disappoint, she had a different purpose on this trip, promoting the release of her new album Rebellious Soul. K. Michelle’s debut album is the culmination of a journey that has been much chronicled during the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and she was sure to credit her supporters among the primary reasons this day has finally come.

The impromptu Q&A session revealed K. Michelle to be just as bold and brash as she appears on television as she frankly answered questions about Love & Hip Hop New York (she doesn’t want to do the show), butt injections (no, but she’s had a lift and body sculpting), upcoming plans (she’ll be touring for the next year, at times with Keyshia Cole and R. Kelly) and her grueling schedule (the promotional leg of the album has caused her to miss her son’s first day of school). Rebellious Soul is K. Michelle’ coming out party, the ultimate expression of her life in this moment and her observations of the world as she sees it. As she says, “This is me saying what people think in their head and are scared to say.” She’s writing her story and that of the millions who’ve connected with her.

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As we’ve learned in recent months, she’s moved to New York and it’s been announced that she’ll be part of the next season of Love & Hip Hop New York, but that’s just a means to an end, as she’s also set to begin filming her own show for VH1 which will chronicle much of what she’ll spend the next year doing, working her debut album. While lead single “V.S.O.P.” continues to climb the charts and “Can’t Raise a Man” has developed its own buzz, K. Michelle points to “Sometimes” as her favorite song on the album because of its bluesy feel. The hard work has paid off, Rebellious Soul is sitting near the top of the charts on iTunes since its release Tuesday and the way one young lady sang “V.S.O.P.” over the conversation last night, this will continue to be a “very special” year for K. Michelle.

[Photo: Keith Estep]

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