Little Dragon Shares Some New 'Sunshine' & 'Rain'

There's something about the combination of liquor and live music that just seems to make sense. Fortunately, several of the beverage manufacturers have figured this out for themselves and we've got the Heineken Red Star Access, the Budweiser sponsored Made in America and Ciroc's Best of the Best concerts to name a few. I'd actually like to know who I can pitch the idea of a Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored "PBR&B Tour" with hipster darling The Weeknd as the headliner. But while I was busy scheming on ways to stack a million, it seems as though another alcohol sponsored concert series was underway. The Absolut Vodka and Forward's Encore Sessions series invited Swedish band Little Dragon to perform at Le Baron in New York City. In the video below, we get a glimpse of the band performing their bubbly new song "Sunshine," a refreshing cover of the Eurythmics classic "Here Comes the Rain Again," as well as a pre-show interview. Now depending on when you decide to watch this performance you may or may not have a drink in your hand. We here at SoulBounce do not judge. I will however urge you, as many of those beverage manufacturers often do, to drink responsibly while you take in Yukimi Nagano and the gang.

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