We 'Adore' Saunders Sermons

It takes guts to cover a Prince song. Many have tried yet few have succeeded when it comes to singing music by one of the greatest and most prolific artists of all time. There's even more pressure involved when doing a live cover of the man's material, which can either turn out to be a beautiful surprise or a bad karaoke disaster. SoulBounce fave Saunders Sermons was recently involved in a Prince tribute in Tallahassee, Florida and from the looks of his performance of "Adore," thankfully it was the former. I really hope that he was the last performer that night, because after he tore it then shut it down he would have been a tough act to follow if not. Saunders gave concert-goers a near-perfect rendition of the Beautiful One's classic, singing falsetto with ease and finessing his way through the song. Lucky for us, this magical musical moment was caught on film and we get to enjoy it for ourselves.  

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