'Why Don't You' Go Take A Break Now, Beyoncé?

Far be it for me to say that Beyoncé put the ho in housewife in her video for the song "Why Don't You Love Me," but could she look any skankier in the role of B.B. Homemaker? I'm sure that sexy was what she was going for in the retro-themed clip, but she aint got nothing on Sade, who epitomized the sexy housewife in her "Babyfather" video that also dropped this week and was more class than about her showing her ass. Bey, prancing around in wigs, bustiers and stockings and smoking like an overheated car engine, comes across more desperate than desperate housewife. The Solange-penned track isn't bad, but what happened to this break that Beyoncé was supposed to be taking? Word on the street is that she may have already started recording her next album. News like that makes me want to shout "You lie!" Joe Wilson style.

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