RZA Wants To Educate About Society's Ills In 'Drama'

Despite RZA's less than stellar decision to adorn his latest release Digi Snacks with scantily-clad crudely drawn young women, he still has a knack for bringing some musical gems from that production powerhouse housed within his imagination. The latest Bobby Digital video, "Drama," features Monk and Thea (not that Thea) singing the hook in a warbled, gravelly, pseudo-Billie Holiday type voice. Discussing the dichotomy of wanting more while struggling to survive, "Drama" is a nice change from the ringtone rappers that flood urban stations these days. Thea's voice honestly makes me miss the days when Tekitha was blessing Wu-Tang verses left and right. But let's be real. That was 10 years ago, ODB was still up to his antics, and Hip Hop was more diverse and fun overall. Nevertheless we can all breathe a little easier knowing that Hip Hop will not be slowly killed by the "Ringtone Star" as long as RZA and his ilk continue to inject some realness into our daily lives.   

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