Bounce-Worthy: Taylor McFerrin


It wouldn't be a far stretch to imagine that the offspring of Bobby McFerrin, so well-known to '80's babies from his GRAMMY-winning (and relentlessly annoying) "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and the composer of a later version of The Cosby Show theme song, would follow in his father's footsteps. To those not exposed to much hip hop, Bobby McFerrin is a "vocal percussionist." To those with knowledge of popping and locking, what Taylor McFerrin does is beat boxing but on a slightly different level. His debut EP, Broken Vibes, dropped about one month ago, and he has been quietly garnering an underground following for some time. Young McFerrin is definitely someone to keep on your radar on the Nu Jazz/Broken Beat scene. Not only are his tracks quite stellar, but his remixes are perfect for when you wish to create an ambient, chill out vibe.

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