Pink Sweat$ Has Found His Ride Or Die In ‘At My Worst’

When we last checked in with Pink Sweat$, he was dealing with the highs and “Lows” of love. For his latest video, he’s still in his romantic bag but in a more lighthearted manner with “At My Worst.”

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In the “At My Worst” visual, Pink Sweat$ puts in work at Pink Planet Dry Cleaning dressed in his requisite pink uniform and surrounded by the color everywhere. Also on shift is a female coworker dressed in yellow who he clearly has a crush on. They leave the establishment together to make some deliveries in the company car. Playing Bonnie to his Clyde, his leading lady rides shotgun in the Winnebago packed with pastel-colored bags of laundry. Of course, there are some bumps along the way, but she sticks with Sweat$ through it all before a good samaritan comes through to save their day. They return to the dry cleaners after their eventful day, and it’s finally time for some romance now that their work is done. Directors/editors David Karp and Courtney Loo of Thrice Cooked Media give us a syrupy sweet take on the ride or die chick narrative that plays well with the song’s theme of sticking by someone in the good times and bad.

“At My Worst” is the latest clip that Pink Sweat$ has dropped from his EP The Prelude. So far he’s made videos for four of the EP’s six tracks, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he goes all out and makes visuals for the remaining two songs and gives fans another look inside his pink-colored world.

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