Ledisi Plays Her ‘Wild Card’ For ‘ELLE’ Magazine’s ‘Song Association’

Ledisi came with a winning hand on her latest project The Wild Card. The singer-songwriter had us once again under the spell of her voice on the album released at the end of last month. The revered singer is still in promotion mode for the project, though, which means we’ll be thankfully seeing her on our screens for a while. Her latest promo stop was with ELLE to participate in their game of Song Association.

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Our girl came out swinging from jump by jumping into her own catalog and singing her song “Get Out Of My Kitchen” when given the word “cook.” However, she faltered a bit on the word “special.” Not because she couldn’t think of a song to match the word, though, but because she just missed the 10-second time limit. She quickly recovered, offering multiple songs for many of the words given. Yep, that meant that we got Chaka Khan‘s “Through The Fire” and The Ohio Players‘ “Fire” in one go. Ledisi also flexed her musical knowledge by throwing out a few unexpected choices — including nodding to Khia‘s “My Neck, My Back” and The Beatles “A Taste Of Honey.”

Due to being stumped by a word and a little bit slow on the draw for a couple others, Ledisi didn’t walk away with a perfect score. She did, however, earn a respectable 12 out of a possible 15 points. Check her out putting her musical knowledge to the test and sangin’ down in Song Association when you press play.

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