Ro James Gets ‘Touchy Feely’ With His Girl & Her Girlfriend

Ro James has dedicated his career to creating baby making music. But, more than just songs dedicated to bumping and grinding, he adds a touch of storytelling. His last single “Last Time” found him trying to woo a potential hookup by one upping her man. Now he’s sharing a freaky tale about hooking up with his girlfriend and her girlfriend on “Touchy Feely.”

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Over a rolling bass guitar lick, Ro James details his freaky tale. He’s at home bored when his girl hits him up and asks if he wants to fall through and chill with her and her home girl. Of course, one thing leads to another. “Smokin’, passin’, jokin’, laughin’ / You rubbin’ my head, I’m touchin’ your leg / Now we all get so touchy feely,” Ro sings with his signature vocal. While most songs about a threesome could feel very contrived or grossly pornographic, James strikes a delicate balance that makes things still sexy and sets the mood instead of stifling it.

“Touchy Feely” is the latest single from Ro James’ upcoming album, RO-MANTIC. Keep it locked here for more singles and the release date for the project. Until then, hit play below to listen to Ro’s latest bedroom ballad.

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