Mark Ronson & King Princess Team To Offer ‘Pieces Of Us’

Only a few days remain until we get our hands on Mark Ronson‘s latest work Late Night Feelings. So far, he’s revealed track after track mixing feelings of heartbreak with unexpectedly danceable grooves and top-notch features from the likes of Lykke LiYEBBAMiley Cyrus and more. But before he unveils the album to us in full, he has one more track that he’s sharing with the class: the King Princess-featuring “Pieces Of Us.”

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King Princess, who happens to be signed to Mark’s imprint Zelig Records, is an obvious choice to be included on the project but “Pieces Of Us” throws a bit of a curveball. Mark steers the production into a decidedly ’80s-inspired direction. Programmed drums, a sticky bass line and airy synths set the mood as Princess sings a heartbreaking narrative about trying to build a relationship with a girl who’s still hung up on her ex. “All of my love / Swing and I miss every time that we talk / And now all I got is pieces of us,” she sings on the chorus. “Oh, how my luck goes down when we talk / And now all I got is pieces of us.” Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Helping her sing her heart out at one point is actress Amandla Stenberg — who was (and perhaps still is) romantically linked with King Princess.

Though its subject matter might be a bit of downer, it seems like Mark Ronson’s Late Night Feelings might be a contender for one of our most played albums of Summer ’19. We’ll find out on Friday. Until then, give “Pieces Of Us” a try when you press play.

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