DAWN Pulls Us Into Her ‘GRAVITY’


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When most people have something on their mind late at night, they might just simply toss and turn in bed. That’s not our girl D∆WN, though. The singer, who is getting ready to embark on the East Coast leg of her Redemption Tour, instead crafted a song. Yesterday, she took to Twitter, writing, “had thoughts last night. spoke to the mic about it. gonna share it today. #gravity.” True to her word, hours later she dropped her brand new song “GRAVITY.”

The song finds D∆WN lamenting her luck — or lack thereof — in love and setting those woes to a tropical, house-inspired R&B groove. Her vocal rides over the production, which is reminiscent of Grace Jones‘s cover of “La Vie En Rose,” as some chants and other musical flourishes are introduced into the mix. “Gravity / Could you be kind / Could you be kind to me?” she begs. She then goes on to let us know that “these n****s” haven’t treated her with the sweetness that she’s bestowed on them. While the song seems to be aiming at her relationships in general, she does manage to raise eyebrows when she calls out one relationship in particular, singing, “I swear he said he loved me / I swear he told that to him and me / Yeah you heard that correctly / 5 years in and found out bout him man him times three /Thought about murder, that’s the 9th ward in me.” Oh me, oh my. She closes out her vocal contribution to the track by interpolating a few bars of Ghost Town DJs‘ “My Boo” and Mary J. Blige‘s “Love No Limit” before allowing the groove close things out.

Though a one-off track, “GRAVITY” is definitely up there with some of our favorites from the singer. In fact, we can’t help but wonder if this means more from the singer might be on the way soon. We sure do hope so, and when you listen to “GRAVITY,” you will too.

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