SoulBounce Exclusive: The PlayList Featuring Glenn Lewis & Dayne Jordan Tell The Story Of A 'Stone Cold' Heartbreaker

One of the best albums of 2017 so far, has also been one of the most surprising. We were shocked and awed back in February when DJ Jazzy Jeff and a group of his friends and fellow artists, collectively known at The PlayList, released the album Chasing Goosebumps. That by itself was headline news, but what made it all the more impressive was the fact that the album was recorded in one week and it exclusively showcased the vocal talents of Glenn Lewis. Months later, the album is still in heavy rotation and will continue to be with the roll out of music videos from the project. First up is the visual for "Stone Cold," which SoulBounce is excited to world premiere.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff's creative director Cristopher Schafer is behind the camera for "Stone Cold," and in front of it, the first thing we see is a teddy bear. It may be an unlikely start to a music video for a song about a woman who is a stone cold heartbreaker, but the teddy bear is featured prominently throughout the narrative. Said teddy bear belongs to the young woman at the heart of the track, and we see her as a child when she first receives the bear and it becomes her best friend. The teddy goes through it all over the years and so does the young woman who we see grow up over the course of three minutes. As an adult, she has her fair share of suitors who gift her new teddy bears but none can replace her day one.

In between her scenes with her favorite stuffed animal, we also see scenes Glenn Lewis at an empty bar singing about her stone cold ways that he can't get enough of. Later in the clip, Dayne Jordan slides in to deliver his verse, and the young woman is seen arguing with one of her baes after discovering a condom in his pocket while doing his laundry. This doesn't end well for him nor the teddy bear that he gave her as she rips both to shreds. At the end of all the drama and tears, the OG teddy bear is there to comfort this heartbreaker's broken heart.

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Press play to get into the world premiere of The PlayList's engaging music video for "Stone Cold," and stay tuned for more visuals from Chasing Goosebumps in the coming weeks.

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