Anna Wise's 'Precious Possession' Is A Conversation Piece


Anna Wise made quite the statement with her debut solo single "Precious Possession." While the song was couched in dreamy, hypnotic synths, the lyrics revealed a message that many (including this writer) missed on first listen. While it may seem that Anna is looking for love and affection, she's actually making charged commentary on the way that women are viewed and treated in society. The first verse alone ("Blank slate, big smile,  nice pout, long hair / Toned bod, thick legs, full breasts, blank stare / We've learned that this is what u want / We can't erase what we've been taught") indicts what society reduces women to and how dangerous that lesson can be.

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For the song's video, she plays up the song's themes in an interesting way. In some scenes of the Emma Kanter-directed clip, she's a seductress willing to do anything to satisfy her man. In others, she appears withdrawn as she stares longingly at the camera, seemingly waiting for a time where she's not just the sum of her parts or viewed by the possible pleasures she can provide for a man. Like the song, the video exerts a push and pull between defying the expectations and embracing them, with Anna's dance between being coquettish and defiant creating an interesting paradigm and a thought-provoking visual.

Take a peek at "Precious Possesion" and be on the lookout for Anna's debut EP, The Feminine: Act I, when it drops on April 27th.

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