Freddie Joachim Helps Us Say Goodbye To ‘Summer’

Freddie Joachim In White TShirt With Blue Light

Summer is quickly winding down, and we’re already headed into the cooler seasons. California beatsmith Freddie Joachim wants to help us transition into the next phase of the year with his latest work entitled “Kool In the Summer.” Just as with his last jam “Wash Away,” Joachim always knows the right time to slide in something smooth for his fans, listeners and friends. If nothing else, this track is warm and fuzzy enough to give us all something to vibe to this last weekend of August. You can never go wrong with an easy-going flip of Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” and a hint of James Brown here and there. Head over to SoundCloud to get yourself a free copy of this tune, and turn it up a bit for these last few summer nights.

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