Usher & Nicki Minaj Wanna 'Give It To You'

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Just as we were about to go into "Good Kisser" overload, your boy Usher saves us with another banger from his upcoming new album. And, to make things even sweeter, he's enlisted producer of the moment Pharrell Williams to lace him something lovely for new track "She Came To Give It To You."

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The track finds Pharrell working within the same late '70s/early '80s R&B lane that he's been in as of late, with funky, disco era rhythm guitar licks, thick bass grooves and party ready percussion. Usher, meanwhile, rides a vocal on the verses that's very similar to The S.O.S. Band's "Just Be Good To Me" only to channel Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson on the chorus and backing vocals. It's a combination that works particular well for the singer, with a vibe that's ripe for the summer parties that are getting into full swing right now. Even party crasher Nicki Minaj comes correct on her guest verse with a flow devoid of her usual antics that feels right at home on this old school dance floor burner.

Please believe when a studio version of this is available for purchase, we here at SBHQ will be all over this one. Until then, press play and enjoy this groove.

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