Sunni Colón Returns To Give Us Soulful & Romantic Vibes With ‘Dream About You All Through The Night.’

Photo Credit: Sunni Colón/YouTube

Sunni Colón had us under his spell and swooning to his groove when he dropped his album JúJú & The Flowerbug back in 2022. He’s been lying low since that release, only breaking his silence with a September 2023 post on his socials letting us know he was in album mode. And now we get the first fruits of that labor with the release of his newest single “Dream About You All Through The Night.”

The track is another soft and lush love song in Sunni’s discography, with him channeling a bit of ’70s soul thanks to detailed instrumentation that features guitar, drums, strings and horns that are arranged to perfection. It all wraps around Sunni’s breathless vocal as he relays his feelings to the girl of his dreams. “Don’t you know by now / I wanna realize? / Fascinated by you / I dream about you all through the night,” he sings on the refrain.

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For the song’s visual, he takes us to Rio De Janeiro as we spend a day with him in the neighborhood. Though love is the clip’s main focus, we get to know several people throughout the video’s runtime. The camera lovingly lingers on the people and the happenings of daily life. It then shifts to the object of Sunni’s affections as we see the twosome come together for a romantic moment as they dance the night away in each other’s arms.

Sunni Colón hasn’t mentioned a title or release date for whatever his next project may be. However, “Dream About You All Through The Night.” continues in the vein of JúJú & The Flowerbug but also shows that there might be something new bubbling under. Until the singer-songwriter is ready to share more, check out his latest single and its video below.

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