Gallant Taps Into His Alternative Angst With ‘Coldstar.’

Photo Credit: Gallant/YouTube

Independence has suited Gallant quite well. The singer-songwriter has spread his wings in big ways as of late as he’s let his talent venture into new territory. We got a taste of that when he teamed with Terrace Martin for the collaborative effort sneek. But now he’s offering another side of him on the solo tip with the release of his newest single “Coldstar.”

Gallant ventures into alternative waters for “Coldstar.” with a sound more reminiscent of acts like Radiohead or Coldplay than the soulful R&B of his Ology days. Produced by Stint, the song’s sound bed is all quick-paced drums and gently strummed guitar. It sets up a lonely, wandering feeling that Gallant continues with his plaintive vocal that longs for someone he used to know.

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“When there’s thunder in my head / I count sheep in my bed / Wanna count on you instead,” he sings at one point. “My cold American star / I wanna be where you are.”

The song’s video also taps into the vein of the ’90s alternative scene. Directed by Sasha Samsonova, the clip shows the singer clad in black and walking down a lonely road. There isn’t much of a narrative going on here. Instead, it’s more about the emotion that art can evoke. Perhaps that’s why the clip is cast in a gloomy blue tint, and the camera makes sure we notice the cloudy sky behind Gallant.

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We’re digging this new sound and visual and are anxious to see what else Gallant has in store for us. Check out the stream and visual for “Coldstar.” when you head below.

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