LION BABE Makes Beautiful Music With ‘So Pretty’

Photo Credit: Lion Babe/Instagram

We must say that we really love spending time in The House Of LION BABE. The set, which is available for purchase on EVEN now, is filled with dazzling jams that have kept us moving every day and every night. LION BABE isn’t blocking those who haven’t purchased the set from catching a vibe, however, as they’ve released the new single “So Pretty” to further invite us to their dance floor.

“So Pretty” gives the duo a chance to revel in the glamorous life. It begins with singer Jillian Hervey delivering a spoken intro as she looks into the mirror. “You know sometimes / I walk up to the mirror / And I take a look in the mirror / Checkin’ out the person I see,” she says. “And I say ‘Oh my, oh my’ / Look at you / Ooo baby.”

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That statement opens up to a joyous house groove led by looped piano, rhythm guitar, drums and hi-hat. The music allows her to do a confident strut over the beat as she observes all the eyes following her every move and delights in the attention. It’s enough to make Jillian break out into the flow she’s honed on house-ified covers of rap tracks like “Bonita Applebum” and “Hot In Herre.”

“Platform boots and my new eyeliner / Yeah, these dudes never seen none finer / Movin’ real cute, wanna rewind her / Back it up back it up, wine and dine her,” she rhymes about the spectacle she makes whenever her and her good looks show up on the scene.

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“So Pretty” is the perfect soundtrack for someone who knows they’ve got it going on or a boost of confidence for someone who needs to hear just how beautiful they really are. Either way, this song’s going to end up on your playlist. Put this one on repeat as you strike a fierce pose in the mirror when you press play below.

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