Janelle Monáe Is Living It Up With Latto & Quavo On The ‘Champagne S**t’ Remix

Photo Credit: Janelle Monáe/Instagram

Janelle Monáe is on some brand new s**t this year, as evidenced by the release of their latest album The Age Of Pleasure. The album is the singer’s declaration of being a “free a** muthaf**ka” and Janelle’s been pleasing and teasing fans across the country on The Age Of Pleasure Tour, which makes its way to Atlanta tonight. Perhaps that’s why Janelle has decided to rep for their beloved Atlanta by bringing hometown rhymers Latto and Quavo along for a remix of the album’s latest single “Champagne S**t.”

The song is all about feeling oneself after getting a little buzzed off that Veuve Clicquot. Janelle shows off their swag as they allow the chorus to deliver all of the big talk that comes with the champagne life, singing, “I like all my kisses French / When I’m on my champagne s**t / Everybody turnin’ ’round takin’ them pics / ’Cause I’m on my champagne s**t.” This type of braggadocio is perfect for a hot 16, and Quavo and Latto make the most of their opportunity.

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Quavo kicks it off with a verse requesting bottles and models to keep the party going. He then uses his time to describe the trappings of the lavish life, his rise from the bottom and all the bands he’s spending to make sure he’s living it up to the fullest. Latto, on the other hand, would rather talk about the thing she doesn’t like, namely broke n****s, as she puff-puff-passes through the party on the hunt for a man to match her fly and take her “home to the D like a Piston.”

With the remix of “Champagne S**t” releasing the same day as the tour rolls into ATL, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Quavo and Latto happened to be surprise guests on stage tonight. We guess the Atlanta crowd will let us know. Until then, let Janelle Monáe, Latto and Quavo show you the high life on the remix to “Champagne S**t” when you press play below.

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