Tomahawk Bang & Nicholas Ryan Gant Want You To Know That ‘Now Is The Time’

Photo Credit: Ocha Records

If you haven’t noticed, house music is kinda having a moment. While the genre has always been gravitated to by some of the most talented folks to ever do it, house has been getting plenty of mainstream love thanks to artists like Beyoncé and Drake dipping into its waters. Producer Tomahawk Bang isn’t new to this, though, as he’s been DJing and crafting his sound since 2010. After releasing several remixes and singles throughout the years, he’s back on the scene and bringing SoulBounce fave Nicholas Ryan Gant in tow for his latest release “Now Is The Time.”

The collaboration between Tomahawk and NRG is one that is made to make you move. Tomahawk puts together an electrifying sound bed full of digital beeps, echoes and distortion over kinetic, slightly chaotic drums. It creates a sort of musical roller coaster ride that thrills the listener throughout the song’s nearly seven-minute runtime.

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It’s not all about making you move, though. Nicholas gets into his spoken word bag throughout the song as he speaks to the importance of letting the world see your light. He calls on us to not dim ourselves throughout our journey, as our shine is something necessary to the world around us. “Now is the time / Now is the time, the time is right / Now is the time / Now is the time to share your light / We need it,” he pleads on the song’s refrain as the music spins out around his vocal.

“Now Is The Time” combines both meaning and movement in unexpected and beautiful ways, proving that music can sometimes be the best way to deliver a much-needed message. Heed the missive of Tomahawk Bang and Nicholas Ryan Gant when you stream “Now Is The Time” right here. And, if the spirit moves you, be sure to pick up your own copy of the song right now via Bandcamp.

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