Chxrry22 Proves She’s Too Much To Handle On ‘More’

Photo Credit: Christine Kim

Chxrry22 had us a little mesmerized with she made her debut last year with singles “Call Me” and “The Falls” in the lead-up to her debut EP The Other Side. The rising star is back now to continue turning up the heat. In fact, she gets things nice and steamy with her latest single “More.”

“More” finds the singer lamenting one of the many problems that happen when you’ve got that “good good.” As the slinky synth groove winds and bass and drums thump, she tells the story of a man who can’t stop coming back for more of the addictive lovin’ she’s serving up. However, while she had her fun, the man's actions make her regret her decision to give him a taste.

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“P***y way too good just to ignore / If I knew you’d keep on knocking at my door / Would’ve never ever ever gave you more,” she taunts and teases on the chorus.

Though she’s quite explicit with her feelings here, she still keeps a coquettish tone to her vocal and her words. In other words, she toys with her prey knowing that he’ll never willingly get off of her hook. And maybe that’s just where she wants him as she throws out a sliver of hope on the bridge, singing with a wink and a smile, ”Wish you could have my love back / What you gonna do for that?”

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Chxrry22 might just have us coming back again and again with this one. See what we mean when you check out the stream of “More” right here and then head below to watch her pose for the camera in the song’s lyric video.

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