Chxrry22 Isn't Here For Commitment In 'Call Me'

Photo Credit: Ro.lexx

When last we heard from Chxrry22, she was unapologetically unfaithful and in the midst of an entanglement in her debut single “The Falls.” With the release of her second single “Call Me,” she is unapologetically unbothered by mere the thought of commitment. 

It's evident from her first two songs that Chxrry22 is going to do things her way when it comes to relationships. “Call Me” is her way of letting any potential suitors know that she is not committing to anyone or anything beyond the present. Therefore, those stepping to her romantically need to understand that. 

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Chxry22 doesn’t like her suitors to sweat her, and she cautions, "Twenty-one questions / Is outta the question for me, yeah / You know what’s impressive? / No putting pressure on me," during the first verse. Just in case he didn't get the memo, she tries to let him know what time it is on the chorus. "Call me in the nighttime / I might pick up / Just depends / What you on / Call me at the right time / I might pull up / Not to talk / Just to," she purrs. 

On “Call Me,” Chxrry22 demonstrates her vocal range as she transitions from a reserved, lower tone at the beginning of each verse to a higher, angelic one for the chorus. Both sound great, especially when paired with the midtempo music, driven by a ticking drumbeat, bassline and a bright guitar riff. She performs double duty on background vocals as well, which are beautifully arranged. 

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The visual for “Call Me,” directed by Nate Edwards, takes the form of a continuous montage of video clips and photos of Chxrry22 just being herself and hanging with friends. When singing, she is primarily relaxing on a couch or in a dimly light room where only her face is visible. The camera adores the extremely photogenic singer who dazzles whether on video or in still photographs seen throughout the clip.

Chxrry22 is building a solid catalog of songs, with two dope singles to her credit thus far. With the support of her label XO Records, we are expecting more music and big things from Chxrry22's direction. Listen to her “Call Me” and view the video below.

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