CeeLo Green & Jack Splash Unite As The Pink For A ‘Serious’ ‘Traffic Jam’

Photo Credit: CeeLo Green/Facebook | Jack Splash/Spotify

CeeLo Green and Jack Splash are no strangers to collaborating with each other. Jack has produced for CeeLo many times, including his 2011 song “Fool For You.” They even formed a group called The Heart Attack in 2006, though their single “Right Now” was never officially released. They’re doing the duo thing one more time, though, as they form The Pink and drop a double single featuring new songs “Serious” and “Traffic Jam.” It seems that this new endeavor will find the two digging deep into sounds of yesteryear, with each song delving into specific styles that had their heyday in the ’80s.

First up is the funky track “Serious.” The cut goes straight for the funk sound — more specifically, the Minneapolis funk sound — as CeeLo gives us his best Morris Day impression to thrilling results. The song positions him as the chief purveyor of authentic music as he offers to give us what we want like the “big, Black, sexy motherf**ker” he proclaims to be before he assures us of his status on the chorus, singing, “I’m serious / They don’t make ’em like me no more.”

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“Traffic Jam” has a more soulful sound based around a piano and guitar riff that occasionally slips into something slicker for the pre-chorus. It’s all about love, however, as CeeLo uses his signature wails to express his sincere affection. “I / I want you / I want you like a motherf**ker,” he sings on the chorus. “And I / I love you / Love you like a motherf**ker.”

CeeLo Green and Jack Splash are pairing with virtual reality streaming platform CEEK VR for the releases, with fans being treated to an animated video for “Serious” that is exclusive to the platform. More info about what The Pink has cooking hasn’t materialized yet, though. Get ready for whatever the new duo is bringing to the table by running up both “Serious” and “Traffic Jam” when you head below.

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