Masego Turns Up The Sexy With 'Say You Want Me'

Photo Credit: Masego/Instagram

Though he seems to be everywhere these days and just came off the success of his EP Studying Abroad last year, Masego has only released one full-length album, 2018's Lady Lady, in his entire career. However, it seems that he's ready to give us some more and he's starting by dropping his newest single "Say You Want Me."

"Say You Want Me" is a sexy track with an Afrobeats flair thanks to slinky, sleek production and Masego's infusing of his own playboy swagger into the song's DNA. His raspy-voiced delivery paired with the song's drums and subtle guitar licks sets things off while the flirtatious lyrics keep the party going.

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"All night long I led you on / Can't stay for long / It's alright I'm movin' on / And they wanna play on," he sings on the chorus. "When the sun go down / Call my name, oh, say you want me / Ah yi, when the sun go down / Oh, leave me lonely."

The song's vibes continue with the track's music video. It features Masego, a cadre of beautiful women and some of his friends (including our man Braxton Cook in a brief cameo). Uncle Sego spends most of his time in the clip flirting with the ladies as they move to the beat and fall under his spell. With its tropical vibe and breezy feel, it's enough to make us wish summer was back.

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We haven't gotten a name or a release date for Masego's new album, but if "Say You Want Me" is any indication we're in for a treat. Listen to the track and watch its video when you head below.

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