Chris Brown Is 'Under The Influence' Of A Bevy Of Beautiful Vixens

Photo Credit: Chris Brown/YouTube

It's quite rare that a song finds its audience three whole years after its release. However, that is exactly the case for "Under The Influence," a Chris Brown album track from the extended edition of his 2019 album Indigo. The track has made such a ruckus on social media that Chris decided to release the track as single back in September and he's now giving it an official music video as well.

The clip, directed by Child., finds Breezy lured into a warehouse under the thrall of a troupe of sexy dancers. That would normally mean extensive choreography from Brown himself. This time around, though, he's willing to let the women get all the shine.

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While he takes front and center, the ladies dance and writhe around him in sexy black outfits that allow them to get as flexible as they need to be. They, of course, take advantage of this with splits, pole work and moves sure to make the more prudish among us blush. After all is said and done, the ladies have literally trapped Chris in their web — though we don't think he minds at all.

While this turn of events is quite unusual, we think that the rise of apps like TikTok might necessitate the need for more artists to revisit older songs as they pick up in popularity. In this way, Chris Brown might just be ahead of the curve. Check out his tantalizing video for "Under The Influence" when you press play.

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