Such Puts Her Own Touch On A Kem Classic With 'I Can't Stop Loving You'

Photo Credit: Such/YouTube

Some songs just have a way of sticking with you, especially if it's one as memorable as Kem's 2005 romantic ballad "I Can't Stop Loving You." That song's staying power has lasted in the 17 years since its release and will probably last much, much longer. Helping to extend its stay in our minds is songstress Such, who is offering her own interpretation of the song as her latest single.

Kem's original was a smooth, jazzy affair made to be a quiet storm staple thanks to the dulcet tone of his vocal. Such aims to modernize the song's sound with her take. She switches out the jazzy production to give it a more current R&B feel replete with ticking hi-hats, snaps, guitar and touches of synth. She still keeps the heart of the song with vocals that wash over Kem's lyrics with a loving warmth that feels urgent and breathless.

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That feeling is also captured in the accompanying video. The clip features Such looking lovely in sparkling gowns as she performs the song straightforward for the camera. While she remains mostly in focus, everything else around her appears in soft focus, creating a dream-like feel as the song plays on. Eventually, she's joined by two dancers dressed in all white who interpret the lyrics through fluid movements and longing looks.

Such's version of "I Can't Stop Loving You" doesn't eclipse the original. However, it remains a lovely sentiment in the songstress' more-than-capable hands. Listen to a stream of the song and watch its music video when you press play below.

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