Anna Wise Returns With A New Creative Direction On 'Time/The Now'

Photo Credit: Anna Wise/Instagram

We haven't heard any new music from Anna Wise since she released her album As If It Were Forever before the pandemic started and there's a good reason why. Besides the world locking down in a way we've never seen before, the singer-songwriter also became a mother. Now that she's taken the time she needs to adjust, she's back with her double single "Time/The Now" for our listening pleasure.

As to be expected, both songs featured on the set serve as companion pieces. "Time" finds Anna contemplating the mysteries of life as she tries to figure a few things out. "On me, couldn't I see? / What if it is there in your face under the lines? Sodder that binds," she sings against the strain of acoustic guitar and choral ooh backing vocals. Meanwhile, on the song's refrain, she questions it all while urgently singing, "Will I ever see you clearly?"

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"The Now" picks up where "Time" left off as Anna decides to sit in the moment while offering potent advice for anyone trying to learn to enjoy life as it comes. "I'm only as enlightened as I am in this moment / My love is genuine it's not a performance," she sings over the song's piano and strings at one point. "Open your heart wider / Release the mind program let go of what you're used to."

"Time" and "The Now" came after the singer devoted herself to motherhood and discovered that she might have temporarily lost her creative spark. Rather than be discouraged, she took it as a chance to reflect and rebuild. "I looked at this as an opportunity, a new beginning," she shared on Instagram. "I looked back at everything I had ever released, Sonnymoon and solo stuff. I saw my triumphs and my mistakes with clarity. And I saw where I would take this new music if I chose to do it. I began to think and plan, I didn't sing a single note until I was ready."

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We're more than happy to welcome Anna Wise back and hope to hear more from her in the coming months. Check out "Time/The Now" when you press play below.

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