Mickey Guyton Is Caught Up In 'Somethin' Bout You'

Photo Credit: Mickey Guyton/Facebook

“Black Like Me” singer Mickey Guyton is back with more of her country-fried Black Girl Magic. The four-time GRAMMY nominee returns with her latest single “Somethin’ Bout You.” Guyton partnered with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and GRAMMY Award-winning producer and songwriter David Garcia to pen this ode to a beau who's truly got her feeling all the feels.

Telltale melodies from a pedal steel guitar signal a journey below the Mason-Dixon line on the opening of her newest ditty. The uptempo song begins with a puzzled Mickey wondering how her lover has her spellbound. Clearly all in, she can’t figure out exactly what it is that’s got her so caught up.

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“It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what you do / But you got me in my feelings, and that ain’t something I’m used to / I don’t mind, I kinda like it, don’t need nothin’ new / You can just keep doin’ what you do,” she sings. Mickey muses on the chorus, “There’s something ‘bout the way that you’re lookin’ at me / There’s something ‘bout the way that you look in that t-shirt.”

She eventually comes to the realization that him just being himself is everything she loves, needs and wants, and she wouldn't change a thing. “You being you, babe / It sure gets me in the mood, babe / Why you gotta be so smooth, babe / It’s so rude, babe / And I just can’t get me enough,” she happily sings.

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Mickey Guyton debuted “Somethin’ Bout You” live on the Citibank Concert Series stage on Today this past Friday. She delighted those watching in-person at Rockefeller Center and at home with an entertaining performance of the new single and “Lay It On Me,” a beautiful ballad written for her husband (who was in attendance with their toddler), from her 2021 debut album Remember Her Name.

Listen to Mickey Guyton's “Somethin’ Bout You,” which we know will soon be a new Texas Two-Step anthem, below then keep scrolling to watch the song's visualizer and her appearance on Today. Add the track to your baelists and playlists from your favorite digital music service.

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