Chris Brown Wraps Normani Up In His 'WE (Warm Embrace)'

Photo Credit: Chris Brown/YouTube

Chris Brown is days away from releasing his new album Breezy, and he welcomes his next era with the first visual from the set. The music video is for Breezy lead single "WE (Warm Embrace)," which Brown dropped at the beginning of April to lots of fanfare. Given the song's warm reception, it's quite odd that we're just now getting a music video for the bedroom bop that interpolates Guy's "Let's Chill." But better late than never, though, and with Normani cast as Brown's love interest and dance partner, this video is worth the wait.

Director Arrad is behind the camera for "WE (Warm Embrace)," filmed on location at the Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California. Arrad gives us a visual that is both out of this world and down to earth. It starts with Chris Brown falling out of the galaxy past stars, the moon and clouds as "Sleep At Night," another new song from the album, plays. Brown is, in fact, sleeping and we see that he was dreaming when he's jarred out of his slumber.

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He awakens to find Normani pulling up to his crib in her classic Mercedes convertible coupe. She's not there for a booty call, though, engaging in some dirty dancing with Breezy instead. They take their sensual dance from the dance floor to a pool as they dive in and continue their courtship underwater.

In the next scene, we see Chris and his band performing outside of the mirrored house before we get another look at Normani and CB enticing each other with their dance moves. They both end up in her car, this time with Chris behind the wheel. While they're sitting there canoodling, a bright light shines on them from the night sky and they're slowly beamed up into the light, which it turns out is coming from a spaceship.

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Chris and Normani have excellent chemistry on and off the dance floor but especially when they're dancing. It's as if their bodies just fit together. We hope to see both of them work with each other again in something else that involves dance.

Chris Brown's twelfth album Breezy will pop, lock and drop into our laps this Friday, June 24th. The album will feature 23 songs (of the reported 250 that he recorded for the project), including the second single "Call Me Every Day" featuring Wizkid, with appearances from H.E.R., Jack Harlow and more. Get in the mood for Breezy's release (and a few adult activities) when you watch Chris Brown and Normani in "WE (Warm Embrace)" below.

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