Xavier Omär Is Back With 'Feelings 4 You'

Photo Credit: Xavier Omär/Instagram

Crushes have been fodder for love songs since forever, and that's especially true of R&B. However, the songs usually deal with the unknown and unrequited nature of a one-sided love affair. What happens, then, when someone decides to go for broke and reveal how they're feeling. Xavier Omär might just have the answer with his new single "Feelings 4 You."

Xavier comes correct and very direct on the song from the opening verse, on which he sings, "First of all / I don't mean no disrespect / So you can check me if I’m wrong / In the past you told me no / But nowadays a yes is strong." From there, he continues to shoot his shot as if it's the buzzer beater that will win the championship game.

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Of course, one can't make this kind of romantic play without a solid foundation. He gets back up from immaculate slow jam production, with a slow-and-steady arrangement that rides on the slow tick of hi-hats, piano and slightly distorted backing vocals that match his intensity perfectly.

"If you've ever had feelings for someone but never told them or had to hold them back, this song is for you," the crooner said in a press release. "I experienced the same thing with my wife before we started dating and the rest is history. The inspiration for this single legitimately comes from how I started dating my wife. She wanted to be friends and I really tried but I knew I felt more between us. Life is too short not to let people know when you love them."

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A version of this song has been floating around since February, but the song's official release also brings with it news of an upcoming EP from Xavier Omär. A title hasn't been given to the if You Feel follow-up, but we do know that it will arrive sometime this summer. In the meantime, catch the singer getting something off his chest when you listen to "Feelings 4 You" below.

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