SoulBounce Exclusive: Jarrod Lawson Closely Follows The Isley Brothers' 'Footsteps In The Dark'

Photo Credit: Evalee Gertz

The Isley Brothers' "Footsteps In The Dark" has been one the group's most endearing songs and had a life of its own thanks to the myriad of artists who have sampled it. However, in recent years, the ballad has resurged in a wave of covers as artists pay tribute to its unique sound and structure. Singer-songwriter Jarrod Lawson took to performing the track on stage during a recent tour and his version was so beloved by his fans that he decided to release it as a single. He's also entrusted SoulBounce to bring you an exclusive first listen ahead of its official release.

Jarrod opts to stay true to the 1970s soul sound of the track by enlisting guitarist Chance Hayden and drummer Tyrone Hendrix to help him recreate the track's feel. Them laying down the iconic guitar and drums allows the singer to channel his inner Ron Isley to great effect. He doesn't mimic Ron's style but still evokes him thanks to an effortless falsetto combined with rich, mid-range tones that ache with urgency and a near note-perfect recreation of the backing harmonies on the chorus.

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Jarrod doesn't forget to add in his own personality, though. That's especially true of a mid-song synthesizer solo he adds to break up the structure a bit and how he ends the song, opting to sing the oft-sampled guitar lick as a jazzy coda.

The Jarrod Lawson version of "Footsteps In The Dark" will officially be released as a single on Friday, April 8th, with the song set to later appear on the compilation album Dome 30 Years, Vol. 1. You can pre-save the song now ahead of its arrival and stream it in full when you press play.

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