Sudan Archives Seduces Us With Domestic Bliss With 'Home Maker'

Photo Credit: Stones Throw/YouTube

Bounce-Worthy songstress/violinist Sudan Archives has been MIA over the past three years, and we've been missing her unique musical approach. Thankfully, she's ending her break this year, bringing us newness with her latest single "Home Maker."

"Home Maker" is all about the domestic bliss that Sudan can bring for the one that's lucky enough to snag her. Her self-assured stride and approach let you know exactly what you're in for as she sings, "I just got a wall mount for my plants / And hoping that they'll thrive around the madness / Won't you step inside my lovely cottage / Feels so green, it feels like f**king magic / Only bad b***hes in my trellis / And baby, I'm the baddest."

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Backing up all this talk is a slinky synth groove that slithers around programmed drums before meshing with strings for the chorus. Though the sound is at times odd, it somehow works, inviting us into her world as she sings, "I'm a home maker / Home maker / Don't you feel at home when I / Wait on you?"

She also picks up on that odd but functional juxtaposition with the song's video. We see her dressed like an around-the-way girl from the future as she struts through a furniture store. Though she's seemingly alone, her ways bring all the men to her yard just in time to do choreographed dance moves to the song's undeniable groove. Her tempting and teasing of the men continues throughout the clip, twisting fashion and norms to her will as she subverts expectations in exciting ways.

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Sudan Archives might have taken her sweet time getting back to us, but we have a feeling there's much more to come from her way. Get into the audio stream and video for "Home Maker" when you press play below.

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