Leikeli47 Flips Rhymes With Diamond-Like Precision On 'LL Cool J'

Photo Credit: Luis "Panch" Perez

Leikeli47 knows how to make a jam, and she's been proving that over and over in the lead-up to the release of her third studio album Shape Up. We've heard her wild out on "Chitty Bang" and the ballroom-influenced "BITM." Now she's bringing us another banger with her latest single "LL Cool J."

Despite the name slyly referencing the legendary rapper of the same name, this time it stands for "Ladies Love Cool Jewelry" and Leikeli47 uses the clever turn of phrase to give us a lesson on the art of flirting and flossing. She relates this over a simple-yet-bumpin' beat comprised of drums and a thudding 808 to keep heads nodding.

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Lyrically, she's ready to roll. The chorus is a loop of the rapper breathily flirting as she says, "Ooh boy, who you looking at like that?" She keeps it up on the verse, comparing a fine man to the dopest of diamonds, with references to clarity, baguettes and cut cleverly woven into her come-ons as she demands, "Tell me, boy, if you wanna be a girl's best friend."

For the track's video, she gives us a black-and-white treatment as a host of fly and pretty young things rock fashions straight out of the bling-heavy heyday of the early 2000s. Leikeli cedes the spotlight, letting the IG-ready ladies take on her fly persona while flirting it up with an extra-fine suitor serving up eye candy and more cuts than most diamonds.

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Leikeli47 has once again ensnared us with her latest jam, and we just can't get enough. Luckily her Shape Up will be arriving on April 15th. Grab your iciest chain and bump along to "LL Cool J" and its video below.

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